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  • They're great guys and have a great store. Top notch customer service, and the best prices around. They didn't gouge people at all during the panic and usually have a good selection of ammo. They can also order in guns and the transfer fee is reasonable. I'd highly recommend stopping by and talking with the guys there and checking out their store!

    Anthony Garcia
  • Willing to do firearms transfers. Nice little store, great people to deal with.

    Austin Armstrong
  • Awesome prices, no gouging here!

    Jay Ortiz
  • Looking for a Firearm in Denver?
    Looking for a Firearm in Denver?
    We offer everything from hunting gear, personal defense items, rifles, ammo and much, much more. Kopp’s Tactical is a full service gun supplier. We love helping our customers find just the right gun whether for hunting, self defense, or recreational. Handguns When it comes to handguns in Denver, Colorado, K-Tactical is sure to meet and fulfill all […]
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  • Must See Documentary: History of the M16 Rifle
    Must See Documentary: History of the M16 Rifle
    This is a really interesting documentary about one of the planets most iconic assault rifles, America’s M16! The M16 rifle, officially designated Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16, is the United States military select-fire adaptation of the AR-15 rifle. The rifle was adapted for semi-automatic and full-automatic fire. Colt purchased the rights to the AR-15 from ArmaLite, and currently […]
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  • Everyone knows all work and no play is NEVER good!
    Everyone knows all work and no play is NEVER good!
    The shooting sports are gaining popularity and people are looking for a gun that is enjoyable to shoot in competition and on the range. We a wide variety of AR-15’s and semi-automatic handguns available from Kopp’s Tactical & Shooting Supplies, we ensure that we can find a product that fits your needs. The AR-15 is […]
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